5 Underrated Rental Amenities You Must Promote

When marketing your rentals there are certain things that each and every rental owner promotes, things like large kitchens, multiple bedrooms, and even living rooms are all a great selling point. There are other aspects of your rentals however that you should also be pushing to help your renters decide to come and rent from you.

  1. Floors- no one wants carpets that can hold on to bacteria, dirt, and that can cause allergies. You should be promoting new flooring. If you have laid laminate or hardwood, this is a selling point. Wood and laminate are easier to clean, more hygienic and all around better for renters.
  2. Included appliances- many rentals do not include appliances making it the responsibility of the renter to bring their own or buy their machines. If you are lucky enough to have a rental that has appliances this is a huge selling point. No one wants to deal with finding a washer and dryer, as this creates other headaches such as proper measurements, plumbing, and problems properly securing a new appliance.  If your rentals offer appliances, this is a huge plus.
  3. Fresh paint- another selling point you may be missing is new paint. If you have recently repainted, this gives the place look new. As a general rule, any renovations you make can help promote your property. As it shows, you care what the property looks like and keeping your tenants comfortable.
  4. Included Utilities- if you have included utilities this is a huge selling point. You should make sure that if you are going to include amenities like water, cable, electricity or gas that you set any thresholds you may want to set prior to taking on tenants. You should outline just what is paid in your rental agreement and you should keep your renters informed of any changes that might be made.
  5. Age of the Property- the age of the property is also a huge selling point. Younger properties are going to be newer overall and are going to have better amenities as a general rule, but they might also be in less desirable areas. Older properties are likely going to need to be updated if they have not been already and they may have problems that are unforeseen.

No matter what rental property you own, taking the time to market them accurately and to accentuate the good is the best way to get renters and to keep them. Tenants want responsible landlords and exceptional rental properties that are not only going to be a place to stay but a place to call home and to raise their families for a long time. Visit AZ Residential Management for more useful blogs and tips.