A property management company can reduce the overall cost of maintaining your rental property

How A Property Management Company Actually Saves You Money

Rental properties are a wonderful way to make income but they also comes with a great number of maintenance issues that you have to keep in mind in order to keep them up to livable standards for your [...]

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Rental property not only gives extra income but also offers great tax benefits

Important Tax Breaks you get from Your Rental Property

Rental properties are a great way to make some extra income without having to devote every hour of your work week to sitting in an office. Though they are a great way to make relatively passive income [...]

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When a tenant claims bankruptcy, it can put you at financial risk

What Are Your Rights if a Tenant Claims Bankruptcy?

Owning an investment property can be a successful and fulfilling project. Not only can you own and maintain a piece of property, you can use it to increase your monthly and yearly earnings. However, d [...]

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Get your rental home ready for winters with these four tips

4 Tips to Get Your Rental Property Ready for Winter

Every year it feels like winter is becoming sneakier as it creeps up on us suddenly. Even in the warm climate of Arizona, those freezing night temperatures in central and northern Arizona lead to tena [...]

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How Online Payments Benefit Tenants, Landlords, and Service Vendors

Property management companies that still require tenants to remit rent and lease payments via paper checks or money orders are missing out on many conveniences, not to mention creating potential serio [...]

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Dog Etiquette Tips for Homeowners Looking to Sell

There’s certain etiquette when it comes to selling your home when you have a dog on board, and the biggest piece of advice is to make sure Fido isn’t home when your home is being shown. So, what a [...]

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Five Steps to Improved Renter Retention

In today’s housing market, getting the right renters for your property is no easy feat. That’s why it can be so advantageous to work with a company like AZ Residential Management, who can help mak [...]

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A rental property is a steady stream of income for retired people

Consider Investing in Rental Property to Bring in Retirement Income

As retirement approaches, many people consider what they plan to do to maintain their current lifestyle while having a lower income. If you are contemplating such a situation, getting involved with re [...]

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A well-maintained pool can increase your rental properties value

Will Adding an In-ground Pool Increase the Values of Rental Properties?

Local property owners and out-of-state real estate investors who own rental properties are always looking for ways to increase the value of their rentals. By making improvements to their homes and apa [...]

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Simple tweaks to your rental property can increase its rental revenue

3 Ways to Get More for Your Rental Property

At AZ Residential Management, we know from experience that it can sometimes be difficult to get the rental rate that you may want or need to earn from your rental property. Fortunately, there are seve [...]

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