Dog Etiquette Tips for Homeowners Looking to Sell

There’s certain etiquette when it comes to selling your home when you have a dog on board, and the biggest piece of advice is to make sure Fido isn’t home when your home is being shown. So, what are you supposed to do with him if you can’t take him for the day? Doggy day care or a dog walker will definitely come in handy, as will the rest of the tips and information in the infographic below.

Once the house sells and the last box is unpacked, treat your pooch to a day of off-leash fun at Quail Run Dog Park or Countryside Park. Afterwards, the two of you can enjoy a bite to eat at Boulder’s on Southern. There is plenty of dog-friendly fun in Arizona, making it the perfect place to call home.

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With these tips on decluttering, removing odors, and more, you can bet that every house showing will be a wagging success. Next stop, move-in day!

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