Make Your Home Safe with these Puppy Prepping Projects

The day’s finally arrived to bring home your precious bundle of joy. You’ve patiently researched and waited to adopt the perfect furry canine friend. You shopped for the cutest matching collar and leash. You bought the monogrammed doggy bowl. You studied which food would be the most nutritious. You even remembered to order their customized ID tag.

But did you remember that the plant in your backyard might be poisonous or that the medication on your bathroom counter is also a hazard? What about those piles of Legos in junior’s room, or grandpa’s old coin collection in the study?

Bringing home your new puppy is just like bringing home your new baby. You need to be prepared. Both your yard and the inside of your home are filled with hazards that can be a risk to your pet. Forget to wipe up that antifreeze on the garage floor before you let your new puppy in the house, and your new loved one could be one of the 10,000 dogs and cats that die each year from that toxic substance alone.

So before you bring your pup through the doors of his new home, tackle these projects.