Owner Testimonials

As a California based investor it is essential that I have a reliable company to manage my Arizona rentals. I have used AZ Residential management to manage my investment properties ever since I first started buying in Arizona. Barbara Habbeshaw and her team have done a great job in finding reliable tenants and taking care of any issue that has arisen from regular maintenance, to repairs and to HOA violations.

Delinquent tenants are dealt with quickly and efficiently so as to minimize vacancy periods. The monthly and year end statements they provide are complete, accurate, and easy to read. I would not hesitate to recommend AZ Residential to anyone needing a responsive and professional residential management company.

- Rod J

We have been working with AZ Residential Management since 2014. We started with one property and since then we have added 4 more, with several more in the workings. In fact, we are an out-of-state landlord and most of the additional properties we purchased we did sight unseen, working with Derek. He has provided us great advice and direction.

I have always viewed two types of professional relationships: 1) a business relationship where everyone conducts themselves per the agreed upon exceptions; 2) a partnership where each party looks out for the best interest of the other. AZ Residential Management has always treated me as a partner. They value me and treat my properties as if they personally owned them. As for taking care of the tenants, they do a great job of vetting out applicants and are very responsive and timely in addressing any needs that may arise. This has equated to happy tenants with a low turnover rate. As we are all aware, the most expensive component of owning a rental is when it sits empty.

It is without hesitation that I highly recommend AZ Residential Management to look after your investments.

- Chip S.

As a frequently traveling real estate investor with many Phoenix-area rental properties, I needed a hardworking and trustworthy partner to manage my properties. My research lead me to Barbara Habbeshaw, broker for Arizona Residential Management.

I have heard and witnessed many horror stories that revolved around absentee Property Managers or Property Managers whose main motive was to “sell” you everything and do nothing except irritate the tenant and the landlord. I did not want deal with an aloof company. Traveling a lot, I needed a partner that would realize my best interest by protecting my assets and reducing the liabilities that could occur in the business of renting out properties.

I trust Barbara and her team, 150%. They take care of my properties as if they are the owners. Barbara is a ROCK, she allows me to concentrate on my family and travels, while she takes care of my rental properties. She allows us to have confidence in the rental process because she “finds” the best tenants, and takes care of all the nitty gritty. Without Barbara and her team, my investments in the rental market would not encompass such a smooth process.

There are many property managers in the Phoenix Area. Most of these companies will promise you everything yet fail to deliver. Most of these companies will get their cut of the commission and then charge you for every little service. Most of these companies will also be very hard to communicate with and not answer calls or correspond. My research lead me to the needle in the Hay stack->Arizona Residential, run by Barbara, will impress and yield excellent results. Their commission is a great value and Barbara will have your best interest.

I have been partnering up with Barbara Habbeshaw and her team for over 15 years. I highly recommend her team for Property Management services and advice. She will allow you to relax and enjoy your life rather than worry about the negatives of owing rental properties. She handles every little detail and enforces structure so that your assets will remain beautiful and you remain relaxed J

Thank you ,

- AL

Our family has known AZRM (AZ Residential Management, LLC) and its management for several years and enjoyed their services in managing multiple properties we own in Scottsdale.

AZRM management has provided professional services in assessing property values, offering appropriate and competitive rental prices, screening and selecting our favorite tenants over the years, and above all respond to emergency situations on top of the normal maintenance concerns for the properties. We always enjoyed having wonderful tenants who paid their rents on time with several of them staying in the units multiple years. We also enjoy monthly rental direct deposits by AZRM to our bank; and their yearend timely tax forms.

In particular, we are very thankful for Ms. Barbara Habbeshaw, who manages AZRM and pays special personal attention to many details, especially in keeping our tenants comfortable and happy! AZRM also maintains contacts with the HOA management to be informed of the latest CC&Rs to protect our interests as well as our tenants. We are very pleased & satisfied as a customer of AZRM and proud to recommend their property management services.

- AZ

Barbara and her team have been outstanding property managers for me over the years. They are true professionals that understand the market and the needs of the owners and the tenants resulting in a highly successful business relationship for all parties. They are quick to respond with communications and actions addressing any needs; and they explain situations with facts while providing excellent guidance. They have eliminated my concerns an out-of-state investor owning rental property. My rating from over 8 years of experience is a 5 stars plus!

- Tim W