Secrets to Keeping Your Renters Happy

As a landlord, it’s essential that you keep your renters happy. When you do so, renters are more likely to pay their rent on time, and renew their lease when it comes time. This in turn helps you to have better cash flow and eliminates the need to find a new renter every year. Even better, it keeps you from having down time, when there’s no renter at all. Here are the secrets to keeping your renters happy.

Take Care of Repairs in a Timely Manner

One of the most common renter complaints is landlords not taking care of repair requests. Of course, this is difficult, especially if your rental property is far away from where you live. You can easily solve this issue and respond quickly to renter repair requests by enlisting the services of a property management company such as AZ Residential Management. This service ensures that repairs and maintenance issues are dealt with in a timely manner.

Make it Easy to Pay Rent

Most tenants want to pay rent on time, but sometimes find it hard to do so, especially when they have to wait for the mail with their checks to be delivered. As a landlord, it is frustrating to be waiting for a check to arrive. When you hire a property management service like AZ Residential Management, your tenants have a special online portal, where they can easily log in and pay their rent instantly. No more worries on your tenant’s part means happier renters in general.

Be Responsive

Every renter wants to feel like their questions and concerns are being heard. If your renter emails or calls you, it’s best to respond as soon as possible, even if it’s just a quick note to let them know you’ll be getting back to them later. When you are responsive with your renters, they will be like that with you, too. Communication is the key to all good relationships, including those between renter and landlord. An easy way to ensure responsiveness is to hire a property management service. At AZ Residential Management, your renters get the kind of personal attention they will appreciate. Our representatives are ready to help your renters find answers to all their questions at any time of the day or night.
Keeping renters happy ensures that you have an easier time with being a landlord. After all, happy renters pay on time, take care of your property, stay longer, and give you good referrals. For help with all your landlord needs, call or email AZ Residential Management today. We help you keep renters happy so you can be happy, too.