Maintaining the Property


A 5 day property inspection form will be provided to you upon move in. During your first 5 days of tenancy mark any property defects on the form and return the filled-out form to our office ASAP. If we do not receive the report within the allowed 5 days we will have to hold you responsible for any damage that may happen during your tenancy.


  1. Owners will not pay for any unauthorized repairs. Any repairs should be called into AZ Residential Management at (480) 444-2574.
  2. Any repairs that are caused by tenant will be charged to tenant. (i.e. a child puts a toy down the toilet and plugs it up. etc.)
  3. Tenant is responsible for changing refrigeration and heating filters. They need to be changed once a month. If they are not changed monthly and the AC unit is damaged by allowing dirt to collect on the condenser coils the tenant will be charged for cleaning the coils and any resultant repair. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT THERMOSTATS BE KEPT AT 80 DEGREES TO COOL AND 68 DEGREES TO HEAT TO AVOID AC/HEATING PROBLEMS.
  4. Pest Control - we do not spray for bugs. Arizona has an extremely healthy bug population including crickets, roaches, scorpions and black widows which thrive in our climate and can only be controlled by monthly spraying. It is the tenant’s responsibility to spray for bugs.
  5. Landscaping – Trees, Shrubs, Lawns etc. is the tenants responsibility unless otherwise specified in the lease and need to be kept in clean and maintained condition at all times.

For more detailed repair/maintenance information refer to the Tenant Welcome packet.