Maintenance Request Thank You Page

Thank you for submitting your maintenance request Online!

We are sorry you are having troubles. 

If you do not hear from a vendor within 24 hours for an urgent matter (appliances, leaks, plumbing), please call the vendor directly to schedule or notify us via email. 

If you do not hear from the vendor within 48 hours for a non urgent matter, please contact the vendor to schedule or notify us. 

If your work order was submitted through a home warranty, or the owners have their own vendors,  the vendors below will not apply and you should have been sent the information of the different vendor dispatched. If you did not recieve the vendor information please email and it will be sent to you. You will know if the vendors below have your order as when you call them they will have the information/order on hand. 

If  the vendor does not have a work order from us, they will not schedule an appointment with you. Tenants cannot place work orders directly with vendors. 

Check out our preferred vendor contact list to help you expedite your request:

Preferred Vendors List

Please email with any issues - do not call the office/leave a voicemail. Emails are recieved and looked at immediately and the best way to get a fast response (as well as maintennace issues are to be in writing). 

Thank you for being our tenant.