Move In/Out Expectations

Dear Tenants:

We are in receipt of your 30-day move out notice and we would like to take this opportunity to review our move-out procedure with you. The following are instructions to help facilitate the move-out:

  1. Electricity & Water must be kept on through the end of your lease date.
  2. Make sure all keys are turned in (include mailbox, garage door openers, and community pool keys if applicable) when you are completely moved out of the property. Arizona law states the tenant is still in possession of the property until all keys are turned into the Landlord/Owner.
  3. Your cleaning fee will be used to professionally clean the property and carpets, (please keep in mind carpets and cleaning will easily exceed the normal amount paid, so to ensure no extra deposit is used to clean the house, as you are responsible for leaving the property in its move in condition, please ensure the property is clean upon move out. Any additional tenant related repairs (light bulbs, AC Filters, Batteries, Drip Pans, Scuffs on walls, Etc) or cleaning exceeding this amount will be deducted from your security deposit. Landscaping needs to be cleaned upon move out, or you will be charged for it to be completed. If you have installed anything in the property while living there with/without approval please be sure you take it down if instructed (Ceiling fans, light fixtures, etc). Satellite dishes are to be removed unless otherwise informed.
  4. Provide us with a forwarding address and contact phone number along with the keys so that we can send you a final accounting statement and any remaining deposits.
  5. *** Please note: You are required to turn in your keys in person on or before the last day of your lease either in our office or in the drop box. Should you choose not to return the keys on that day you will be held responsible for rent for each day up to and including the day you return the keys, or holdover as per your lease agreement.

After we conduct the move-out inspection we will send out your security deposit within the 14 business days as required by Arizona law.

If you want to be present at the time of your move out inspection you need to indicate so in writing at the time you drop off your keys. Please keep in mind you will not be informed of anything at the inspection pertaining to your deposits – all deposits are sent as stated above.

We will be listing the property requesting agents to give you 48 hours notice to schedule a showing. If you want to set aside specific days/times or one day a week with a two hour window feel free to do so and just any agents know they can only show during those times.

It has been a pleasure working with you and we wish you all the best in the future. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this matter.


Sheree Burnette
Property Manager
AZ Resdintial Management
Call: 480.444.2574 Fax: 480.268.9494