Tenant Obligations


  1. A lease is a contract for a given period of time. It is NOT a month-to-month agreement.
  2. You are guaranteeing that you will pay rent for the duration of your lease term. Please note the dates on your lease.


  1. Rent is due on the 1st of the month and a late fee will be assessed on the 3rd after 5PM.
  2. Late charge - If rent is not received by the 3rd by 5pm, there is a late charge of $100.00 plus tax and $10.00 per day starting on the 5th until rent is paid in full.
  3. Check return - If a check is returned, there is a $25.00 check return charge. If one check is returned for insufficient funds or stop payment, we will only accept money orders or cashier’s checks for the remainder of the lease term. We reserve the right to refuse to accept checks after receiving any NSF or stop payments.
  4. Partial rent - We do not accept partial rents. Rent must be paid in full including all additional charges assessed to the account.
  5. If rent is not received by 5pm on the 3rd of each month, you will be served with a notice which gives you 5 days in which to pay your rent in full including all fees. A $75.00 plus tax fee will be assessed to your account for the service of any legal notice. If you do not comply with the notice, we will turn the account over to our Attorney for court action to obtain possession of the home and a judgment for the money owed. As per your lease agreement, you are liable for the attorney fees and court costs. All late payments have to be made in certified funds. (money order or cashiers checks)
  6. Collection - Any balance left unpaid will be turned over to our collection agency and will be filed with Credit Bureau Services reflecting on your credit rating.


Tenant is not allowed to pay on a per day basis. Rent will only be accepted for a month. Rent proration may be made for partial month occupancy.


Tenant is required to have all utility services put into their name upon lease start date. Water, call the city; Electric - APS (602)371-7171, SRP (602)236-8888 and Gas where applicable.


If all keys/remotes are not returned, tenant will be charge for any missing keys/remotes.